We know just how complex creating sustainable packaging solutions can be – ensuring they are delivering the sensorial experience that customers expect whilst minimising their impact on the environment. Which is why we developed our Conscious Design™ process – to allow both our clients and ourselves to best navigate the minefield of the ecological design landscape.

Driven by our in-house team and led by our Sustainability Manager, the Conscious Design process brings clarity to this eco-confusion through a simple step-by-step process with our Climatic Table™ of 28 sustainable design elements at its core.

Starting by clarifying your purpose, defining your sustainability goals and understanding the context within which you are working, we help brands prioritise which aspects of sustainability they should focus on.

We then help implement these with creative design solutions, ranging from using by-products of the supply chain, reorganising and optimising packaging portfolios to reduce their carbon footprint, through communicating to consumers how to play their part – on pack and beyond.