Whoopi Prosecco

Whoopi Goldberg needs no introduction. The life and soul of any occasion, it is only right that she has her own prosecco brand. However, the current design wasn’t living up to the Whoopi name or communicating its quality credentials. Our redesign turned it from just a prosecco brand to a premium lifestyle brand.

Inspired by Whoopi’s love of hosting and her innate ability to bring people together, our design is a bold and vibrant interpretation of one of Whoopi’s parties, where different personalities and conversations flow together. Colours, patterns and textures meet in a layered, artistic & expressive design that is the centre-piece of any occasion

“The folks at Butterfly Cannon completely get me and my love for hosting and have brought this to life in a stunning design to usher in an exciting new era for Whoopi Prosecco.”

Whoopi Goldberg