Signature is the latest fragrance by Oriflame Sweden, crafted by their master perfumer together with his own son. Oriflame asked us to create a brand around this story that put their values at the heart of the design. We identified that central to the brand story was the idea of longevity and generations working together for the future.

This was reflected in our graphic design, through its interconnected traditional serif and contemporary sans serif wordmark. Whilst for the structure, we designed a timeless glass fragrance bottle that was consciously encased in a contemporary, responsibly sourced wooden frame. Designed to be removed and reused as a photo frame.

“Butterfly Cannon’s brand and packaging designs for our Signature fragrance release are both timeless and contemporary. Capturing the duality of this intergenerational project, whilst reflecting Oriflame’s sustainable values with a responsibly sourced wooden frame, designed to be removed and have a second use as a photo frame.”

Mariusz Krzyspiak, Packaging Manager, Oriflame Fragrance