Haberdashers’ Elstree Schools needed to communicate a new era of closer collaboration between their Girls’ and Boys’ schools, as well as communicate their shared vision & values of a global perspective and broad curriculum. Everyone knew the school as ‘Habs’. So we put this at the heart of a new master-brand identity balancing tradition and gravitas with modernity and approachability.

“Together, Boundless” became our rallying cry, capturing the physical and mental space that Habs pupils are given to flourish. This informed our design approach, with strong use of negative space and typography that flows off the page or screen.

“With their expertise in creating aspirational brands, Butterfly Cannon were the perfect partner to embark on this momentous new chapter in the story of Habs. The new identity they created for us pays tribute to the past achievements and individual character of our schools, whilst embodying our aspirational ethos and shared future together.”

Avril Tooley, Director of Marketing Communications & Culture at Haberdashers’ Elstree Schools