F&B commissioned us to design the identity for a rare new colour range created in collaboration with the Natural History Museum. The colours had been inspired by Werner’s Nomenclature of Colour, a reference book used by Charles Darwin, the original sitting in the vaults of NHM.

Needing to work across multiple SKU’s; our design frames the iconic F&B logo, with a unifying hero colour and an explosive “natural” illustration that references the flora & fauna described in Werner’s book and that directly links to the paint colours in the range. There is nothing more colourful than nature.

“This is the first time we have created a new palette as an extension to our carefully curated colour card. We were delighted to partner with Butterfly Cannon on this creative campaign and new tin design that perfectly captures the spirit and ethos of the collaboration and brings the whole story to life.”

Charlotte Cosby, Head of Creative, Farrow & Ball