DHAMI is a brand new luxury women’s footwear brand, and when we first met Priyanka, the owner and CD, it didn’t even have a name – let alone a brand identity. Inspired by her early years in vibrant Rajasthan, contracting polio as a baby (so unable to wear her own creations) and moving to London as a shoe designer for her adult life, she had a great creation story to tell.

We were tasked with defining her brand purpose, positioning, brand story, brand name, product names, brand identity, lookbook, packaging design, social media and website creation. As a positive fashion brand, it’s been a privilege to create.


“Butterfly Cannon successfully captured the ethos of DHAMI London and built it into a real tangible brand identity, I really couldn’t have done it without them! Staying true to my Rajasthan roots while giving it a place in the London high fashion market, they have given DHAMI the perfect foundation to grow from. Butterfly Cannon has done a really fantastic job and were a real pleasure to work with – I even ended up naming one of my shoes after one of their team!”

Priyanca Dhami, Founder & Creative Director, DHAMI London