With its female founder and all-women production team, Brook 37 is disrupting the stagnated and dusty world of tea; sourcing the best quality tea, direct from India’s finest tea gardens, in a responsible and sustainable way. They needed a confident brand identity and packaging to match.

Our brand identity with graphic tea leaf motif emanating from the heart of the ‘Brook 37’ wordmark tells the story of how community is at the heart of Brook 37. Whilst our consciously designed metal tea caddy is luxurious, sensual and reusable – with disruptive, contemporary colourways.

“When I set out to create Brook37, I didn’t want it to be just about the tea; I wanted it to be about the whole experience that goes along with tea. With their approach of ‘powerful stories, beautifully told’, Butterfly Cannon were the perfect partner to bring Brook37 to life in all its sensorial glory. They have created a brand identity and packaging that will catch everyone’s attention through all the senses – the look, smell, touch and feel all working beautifully together to realise our vision to become the ‘CHANEL of tea’.”  

Mou Dasgupta, Founder & CEO, Brook37 Tea Atelier