VOYA is a luxury organic spa brand based in Co. Sligo, Ireland, that combines the 300-year-old Irish tradition of seaweed bathing with a 5-star global spa experience. They came to us to create limited edition packaging for their range of skincare products that was in keeping with their organic, earthy and environmentally friendly ethos, whilst celebrating the festive season. The brief was to create a luxurious aesthetic that was also simple and impactful enough to extend across a range of different SKU’s and associated communications materials.

The common ingredient across all of VOYA’s products is the wild seaweed harvested by hand from the deep, clear waters off the West Coast of Ireland. In order to communicate this intimate connection to the sea and nature, we created an abstract work of art inspired by the soft, organic forms of the seaweed itself and the flowing waters of the ocean.


“Butterfly Cannon’s in-depth approach and adaptable design is in keeping with the organic and environmentally friendly ethos of our product and brand. They had the ability to enhance this with that all-important added celebration and drama for the festive season. A mark of the success of our Christmas offering was its reach across a range of different SKU’s and marketing campaign materials bringing tying everything together with an organic yet luxury feel.”

Gretta Salter, Senior Brand Executive, VOYA