Shevet Brewery

Shevet is a new Israeli brewery and distillery with a young, social and urban group of customers. They came to us looking for a comprehensive identity that proudly showed their differences, their individuality, and their colourful range of beers and spirits. How do you lock down a look for a brand that prides itself on extraordinary variety?

You don’t. We created a design system that allows individuality to shine through every product as a family of characters. From how their interior and exterior environments should look, to illustration style, digital expression, comms and brand world collateral like mats, totes, caps, glasses and pumps, our design frees up expression to be truly extraordinary.


“We were eager to create a new unique beer and spirits line for Millennials in Israel, so after hearing about Butterfly Cannon’s expertise in branding, it wasn’t long before we’d entrusted them to run our entire gamut. Every step of the way, from their passionate sage advice, to architecting our core values, and through their creative and playful “story telling”, they’re truly an exceptional group of thinkers and designers! Our extraordinary, colorful and characterful packaging is fresh and youthful, and has already caught the attention of many! It’s been an absolute pleasure, and loads of fun working with Butterfly Cannon.”

Neil Wasserman, CEO and Co-Founder & Lior Balmas, Co-Founder, Brew Master, Promised Land Spirits Ltd.