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Hennessy Classivm is premium Cognac created exclusively for China. Whilst it’s spicy taste profile appealed to the Chinese palate, it was lacking a clear brand story and point of view that was limiting the opportunity for growth. Through several brand workshops in China, we explored the core insight that Chinese millennials were facing pressure to follow a set route to achieving ‘success’.

The ultimate outcome was to position Classivm as an aspirational brand that shows you how to break out and follow your own path to make a mark on the world. This was articulated as an expressive and disruptive brushstroke, which was then used to inform the visual execution across all brand touchpoints.

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“From attending the initial strategy workshops to creating new packaging concepts, Butterfly Cannon have played an instrumental part in our repositioning and redesign of Hennessy Classivm.”

Loys Vallon de Testa, Senior International Brand Manager