Cîroc Collaboration

Cîroc Vodka invited us to create an exclusive Limited Edition pack design to be at the centre of their ‘in culture’ Cirôc campaign, in collaboration with the Victoria’s Secret supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio.

Alessandra zeroed in on the upcoming fashion trends for summer to inspire our range of different creative concepts. We based our design on the key looks of the season: bold, geometric patterns. Together, we created an attention-grabbing pattern for this Limited Edition: intricate, vibrant and full of theatrical touches.

BOLD-GEOMETRY.jpg Case-Study_Double-Landscape-Image_CIROC_4_with_background.jpg
Case-Study_Double-Landscape-Image_CIROC_3.jpg LIGHT-UP-THE-NIGHT.jpg

"Butterfly Cannon has gotten it right on many levels – talent, focus, process, partnership and passion. Many agencies are generalists, say they can do everything but don’t excel in anything and have a hard time keeping specialist talent – when that talent leaves, so does the agency’s capability. On the contrary, Butterfly Cannon know who they are, what they love to do and are good at, and therefore attract clients seeking specialist capability and in turn keep creatives whose passion is for designing in their area of focus. As specialists in mass luxury packaging they are a match for Diageo’s Reserve brands and their close partnership has delivered designs that win the hearts of the masses.”

Ann Chen, Design Leader, Diageo